Mat Tech’s crane mats can be used for many applications including stabilizing large cranes during heavy lifts. The pipeline industry also uses crane mats for ground stabilization while digging and laying pipe.

Mat Tech’s digging and dragline mats are constructed of fresh cut hardwood timbers. They are 8″ thick, 4′ wide and 16′ – 24′ long. They have cable or exposed bolts for easy lifting.

High quality hardwood laminated mats are the ideal solution for stabilization of rubber tired vehicles. Laminated mats can be used to construct a turn around on the line, a platform for digging, protect the environment on the right of way, or just keep your staging area stable.

Mat Tech’s skids are all solid hardwood, and are load bearing to several thousand pounds at each intersection point when stacked with at least a 4 inch overlap using a 2 member X 2 member system.

Safely and permanently support your industrial equipment with outrigger pads. They are Lightweight, Strong, Resilient and Cost Efficient.

Mat Tech offers Liquid Containment Storage. Whether storage tanks are holding oil, chemicals, saltwater or other industrial materials, they absolutely have to perform to the highest of standards.